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Morning Paddles and Coffee

Early morning paddles are hard to beat. The lake hasn't gotten busy, the water is glassy, the sun is just starting to warm things up. Its a great time to see wildlife, as well as amzing views. Sometimes there will be mist on the water or sun reflecting off the smallest ripples.

It's both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Its really hard to find a way to improve on a morning paddle...with one small exception....Coffee. Having a hot cup off coffee along for the ride is blissful. Taking a break along a beautiful shoreline and enjoying some hot brew will take your morning paddle to a new level.

With the explosion of cup holders in cars (My truck has 8?) it is getting harder to find these wide bottom insulated mugs. Think back to the days when your cup-holder was the dashboard. The mug in this picture came from Cabala's and if you keep your eye out on your drive north you will probably spot one.

Wide bottom mugs are great for paddling, especially the ones with a little foam or pad on the bottom. They stay put and upright in a kayak or on a paddle board, unless you are in some real chop. I always fill my mug last, right before I hit the water, so it is as hot as possible

Then its just a matter of paddling up the lake, finding a nice spot to drift, dropping my feet over the side and kicking back to enjoy...

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